Fayon® 918 cold manual flatbed laminate applicator

Fayon® 918 cold manual flatbed laminate applicator

Fayon new design mini flatbed laminate applicator 918 which allows it to enter into your gate easily.

For 900*1800mm Size Prints & Boards


Application: Fayon® designs this small size flatbed applicator aiming to process stickers, KT boards, foam boards, etc. 


This flatbed applicator would be your secret weapon when it comes to deliver timely graphic applications which your customer loves. 


Henan Yingkai Technology Development Co.ltd.



Whether you’re pre-masking cutting letters, mounting prints to boards or laminating digital printings, Fayon® mini mounting table will help you do the job without wrinkles and bubbles.

Even more, it runs with only one operator, making your studio more efficient! Labour saved can be a huge money for you!



Henan Yingkai Technology Development Co.ltd.

The surface of the mini mounting table is applied with 10mm tempered glass which is hard and durable enough.

Its anti-scratch enables it can be used as a cutting platform. You got not only a flatbed applicator, as well as a working platform. 


Tips: Use a cutting mat can make cutting better and easier. 




Henan Yingkai Technology Development Co.ltd.



The roller is lifting by air cylinder. Operator can use the hand valve to upgrade the roller which is very convenient.

All the mounting process can be done by only one operator. 

Henan Yingkai Technology Development Co.ltd.

Henan Yingkai Technology Development Co.ltd.


The unique design of thickness fitting blocks is also used on this manual flatbed laminating machine. Users can laminate different thickness of board from 5mm to 15mm, and guarantee the mounting effect. 

Materials will not be deformed by the pressure of the rubber roller, in the case of ensuring sufficient lamination pressure.





If you want to know more detailed information or videos, please feel free to write to us. Our sales manager is ready to discuss with you!



Technical Data


Model FY-916
Max laminating size 900*1600mm.            
Max laminating thickness 50mm
Operation type Manual
Roller lifting Air cylinder
Power input 0.8-1.0kw/h
Pressure range 0-0.8Mpa
N.W. 280kg

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