Fayon FY-350DL Laptop A3 | A4 Pouch Laminator

Fayon FY-350DL Laptop A3 | A4 Pouch Laminator

Fayon laptop A3 A4 ponch laminator released on the market. Not only beautifu, but also pratical.

A4 thermal laminating




Like all Fayon® product, this A3 A4 heat pouch laminator is not only focus on the external appearance,

but also designs at interior functions. It can laminate both single-sided and double-sided. 

One machine can meet two requirements. Either you like is possible!



Henan Yingkai Technology Development Co.ltd.


Unique and original design on clips  (Patented)


This laminate machine is 13 inch in width. It has unique design on the fastern of the roller.

Clip with built-in spring pressure block is convenient for loading and locked the media shaft


Clip-locked offering a stable resistance to the media shaft while rotating.  



hot roller laminator



Turn-able front & back platform


Turn-able platform on this A3 A4 pouch laminator is installation-friendly for change material and cleaning rollers.


Inner Magnetic suction ensures gap-control tight strictly and without jiggling after locked


Locking feedback is clear. Making this thermal laminator all just right.


laminating supplies



Intelligent media-inspection system


Self-starting with media & self-stopping without media

Help users improving working efficiency. 


  laminator pouches



Function-integrated control panel

Keys are responsive and durable

Simple & convenient, read-friendly layout, clear instruction

Display with backlight  Colors differ according to heating status


A3 laminator pouch lamination


Not only suitable for photos


But also applicable to protecting confidential material such as documents, patent certificates,


newspaper clippings, specimen books, menus and office documents.


A3 double side laminating machine




Size Application




FY-350DL is a professional A3+ laminator which can be application to size A3+、A3、A4、B5 etc.  



The following is part of the examples:


 fayon A3 heat laminator








Each usage-oriented design aims at making your operation easy and intelligent.


Enjoying an easy, smooth and stable laminating experience!


laminator pouch



Welcome to ontact us to discuss order in detail!


Technical Data




Laminating width


Laminating thickness


Operation type


Roller lifting


Laminating speed


Heating method

interior heating



Product dimensions





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